Hollywood Celebrities Who Walked Away From The Limelight And Into The Real World

Everyone has fantasized about what it’s like to be wealthy and well-known. At some point in our lives, we’ve all secretly wished for a taste of it. Glamour has always appealed to us as a mystical and appealing world. For years, young aspirants struggled to enter into the madhouses of fashion and film. Show business comes with a lot of pressure, and fame can come and go quickly.

Jobs don’t get any more thrilling than acting in an actual TV show for us mere mortals who watch Netflix every night and know every word to the Friends theme song. However, the number of actors who have traded their celebrity for a regular job backs up the adage that “different strokes for different folks.” Some actors have achieved the pinnacle of their careers and have chosen to live ordinary lives—doing work, pursuing one’s passions, making investments, going grocery shopping, and so on. Like this brave group, they just want to buy milk in their pajamas without showing it on the internet.

Taran Noah Smith | Businessman

What do Home Improvement, Little Bigfoot 2: The Journey Home, and Ebbie have in common? You know it: Taran Noah Smith, a former American actor, stars in all of these films. The former actor is best known for his appearance in the 1990s sitcom Home Improvement as the youngest son. However, it appeared that the star quickly vanished from the limelight after the show ended.

Taran Noah Smith’s Hollywood journey began like so many others. The former actor began acting when he was just seven years old. Unlike his Hollywood peers, who continue to live the celebrity lifestyle and feature in films and other media, he chose to leave the industry and follow his dreams. The Home Improvement star and his then-wife Heidi Van Pelt made investments and opened a restaurant in California named Playfood. Smith is a vegan, so it’s no surprise that the restaurant specialized in organic and vegan fare.