Sitcom Stars, A Time Warp: A Look Into The Past And The Present

In a crazy world, it is always good to unwind by watching funny shows. Throughout the history of Hollywood, we have been consumers of sitcoms, from Seinfeld, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Parks and Recreation. Why do we have that tendency to like sitcoms over drama films or series? Psychologists say that this is because there are conflicts inside us that only make sense when we see characters take them on, like how Monica Geller and Rachel Green of F.R.I.E.N.D.S fought over Jean-Claude Van Damme in an episode. Is this the case with you?

So, do you ever wonder what happened to your favorite celebrities when their shows ended? This list will allow you to reminisce about some of the most revered celebrities from the sitcoms that graced our screens. Who among them decided to call it quits and shun Hollywood altogether? Why would he or she even do that? Also, someone welcomed a baby into the family recently. You might also be interested to know who among these celebrities were paid the most, right? Read on to find out more, and enjoy!

Angus T. Jones | Two and a Half Men

When Angus T. Jones left Two and a Half Men officially on March 18, 2014, it came as no surprise because he was already replaced that time by Amber Tamblyn. However, his fans were not so happy with his departure because apart from Charlie Sheen, his innocence and childlike character were given credit for giving life to the show. It was never the same after the two main characters were booted out.

If you were to ask Jones today, he would advise you to stop watching Two and a Half Men. At that time, he did not have solid spiritual convictions yet, but now that he has, he considered himself a hypocrite for appearing on the show. He now wants to leave all that behind and is focused on a business venture he established with P. Diddy’s son. He currently acts as a manager and advisor to senior management.