These Celebrity Couples Prove Love Is Beyond Skin Deep

If you are still living in the past when interracial romances still impose a big question to many, let me just remind you that it is now 2021, and everything is possible, especially in love. Gone are the days that having a romance like this that ends up in marriage is often taboo, if not outlawed.
However, it cannot be denied that relationships like this come with several challenges. There come cultural and societal differences. Religion may also be an issue here. However, these are some of the bumps they have to go along the way. If they succeed, it will surely make their relationship and bond stronger to an incredible degree.
Take a look at the interracial celebrity couples we have today. Sure, they have many differences, from looks to color to everything in between, but they have withstood the dissimilarities and hugged diversity and inclusion.
As they say, when you fall in love, all bets are off, and you will be willing to do everything to be with someone you genuinely want to be with. Check out these interracial couples who have proven love is beyond skin deep.

Paula Patton & Robin Thicke

Paula Patton and Robin Thicke have more things in common than people think. They are both celebrities, they both have wise investments for their future, they’re business people, and they are good parents.

Paula and Robin are two people who proved to the world that color doesn’t matter, especially when it comes to love. Actually, a lot of things don’t matter when it comes to love – height, age, weight, status, and so much more. In fact, these two pointed out in the past that nothing really matters when it comes to love, which at that moment, sounded so romantic. Paula’s mother is European-American and her father is African-American while Robin is American-Canadian. She and Robin had their chance at love and commitment and they were blessed with one child. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well for the two and so they put an official end to their marriage.