Strange, But Real: World’s Oddest Unsolved Mysteries Of All Time

Each corner in the world seems to have its own set of strange mysteries. There are weird phenomenons that can keep you guessing for a very long time, while others are among the scariest and captivating cases that are yet to be solved. The world of the bizarre and spooky can really make someone feel curious to an interesting degree.

Most of us may never seem to crack the real deal behind these mysteries, but who doesn’t love a good case to be solved? You’ll be losing sleep as you read these stories that are left unraveled. Finding the solution to a problem can be very satisfying, so if you’re patient enough, then you might just be the person who can find the missing piece of the puzzle. People even find morsels and breadcrumbs just to grasp the answer.

To get started, here is a roundup of the world’s most eerie secrets. These cases will surely make you feel like a modern-day detective.

1.CIA Kryptos

An odd statue that can give anyone the spooks is situated right outside Langley, California. The peculiar structure stands right outside the headquarters of the CIA. The statue stands 12-feet tall and is crafted from curved copper. The unveiling of this statue was way back in 1990. The statue is called Kryptos, which translates to “hidden” or “secret” in Greek.

It is etched with more than a thousand characters on four messages that have been encrypted. Three of these messages have already been cracked. Jim Sanborn was given credit for sculpting the mysterious Kryptos. Back in 2014, two clues were already revealed but no one can still seem to put two and two together. Flocks of avid cryptographers are adamant about decoding the secret message.