Travel 101: Choosing the Travel Luggage that Works Best for You

Are you excited about your trip but don’t know how to get started in preparing your stuff? Well, you’ve just found the right article to give you some quick and essential notes on how to pick the right luggage.

Choosing your luggage is one of the essential things to consider when traveling. Anybody wants to have a bag that offers convenience, quality material, and design. So, we’ve listed a few tips below to guide you in choosing the travel luggage that works best:


Before purchasing luggage using your credit card, you have to determine the size you need for your trip. It’s important to note that the standard size for international carry-on bags is 20 inches. However, if you’re a frequent traveler both internationally and domestically, it’s advisable to have a smaller bag for hassle-free travels.


We all know that airlines are very strict when it comes to the weight restrictions of the luggage. It’s either you carry an acceptable load, or you pay more cash for the extra load. We suggest you have an investment in a quality bag made of lightweight materials.


Always consider the durability of your bag. Hard side luggage may protect your gear against puddles, rain, and a certain degree of temperature, whereas soft side luggage or fabric bags are expandable and offer more space for your clothes and souvenirs. So, choose which type of material suits your travel needs.


This may be one of the neglected details when choosing luggage, but handles are important, especially when transferring from one place to another. Handles can either be a single bar or two bars. Two-bar handles give you the insurance of more stability and efficiency.


Some bags have two wheels and four wheels. Of course, four wheels give more balance and stability and are easier to move around. There are also two kinds of wheels: spinning and recessed. You can opt for spinning wheels as they provide the ability to move the bag sideways. In comparison, recessed wheels are set back into the bag and don’t take up extra space, unlike the spinning wheels.


As much as a homeowner invests in a home security system, a traveler must also consider installing locks in his luggage. Well, who wouldn’t want to have a secured baggage when traveling places? Everyone wants to keep their luggage safe and secure, especially when it’s out of sight. Locks can deter theft in airports, hotel rooms, and other areas. So consider investing in quality locks.


Have you ever noticed that almost all luggage is in dark color? While the colors black, dark blue, or grey don’t show dirt, it’s easy to confuse one bag with another since these colors are so common and prevalent. You can opt for colors that stand out, so it’s trouble-free for you to spot them at the airport baggage carousel or flooring. You can also attach a distinguishing luggage tag so you can quickly determine that it’s yours.


Like all other the things you have, you get the luggage you pay for. Typically, a higher price means higher quality. If you’re a vacationer or a frequent traveler, it’s always wise to spend your investment money on a high-quality suitcase or baggage so you won’t have to replace them from time to time and end up paying for more. We recommend visiting a department store to test out the quality of the luggage and check the features you need. It’s always better to see the bags in person than to purchase them online. This way, you can get exactly the luggage you want and need.