Strange, But Real: World’s Oddest Unsolved Mysteries Of All Time

Each corner in the world seems to have its own set of strange mysteries. There are weird phenomenons that can keep you guessing for a very long time, while others are among the scariest and captivating cases that are yet to be solved. The world of the bizarre and spooky can really make someone feel curious to an interesting degree.

Most of us may never seem to crack the real deal behind these mysteries, but who doesn’t love a good case to be solved? You’ll be losing sleep as you read these stories that are left unraveled. Finding the solution to a problem can be very satisfying, so if you’re patient enough, then you might just be the person who can find the missing piece of the puzzle. People even find morsels and breadcrumbs just to grasp the answer.

To get started, here is a roundup of the world’s most eerie secrets. These cases will surely make you feel like a modern-day detective.

1.CIA Kryptos

An odd statue that can give anyone the spooks is situated right outside Langley, California. The peculiar structure stands right outside the headquarters of the CIA. The statue stands 12-feet tall and is crafted from curved copper. The unveiling of this statue was way back in 1990. The statue is called Kryptos, which translates to “hidden” or “secret” in Greek.

It is etched with more than a thousand characters on four messages that have been encrypted. Three of these messages have already been cracked. Jim Sanborn was given credit for sculpting the mysterious Kryptos. Back in 2014, two clues were already revealed but no one can still seem to put two and two together. Flocks of avid cryptographers are adamant about decoding the secret message.

2.Wow! Signal

An astronomer named Jerry Ehman was tinkering with Ohio State University’s dio signal detector back in the late 70’s. He wanted to study the skies to learn more about the Sagittarius formation. Ehman was able to obtain a radio frequency that lasted for more than seventy seconds. It also sounded like it came from outer space. The astronomer then jotted down “Wow!! On his computer’s margin print.

We can credit the man for being so cool and breezy about making contact with what seems to look like life outside Earth. There are still naysayers about this event though. Most people wanted to debunk this story. Some say that the contacts were merely comets that were passing through while others were quick to refute that it was possibly aliens. But it’s still one of the strongest alien radio ever detected.

3.Escape from Alcatraz

The federal penitentiary located on the island of Alcatraz which is situated in San Francisco Bay is given credit for being the most inescapable prison in America. People who attempted to get out ended up caught or in great danger. Though three convicts who were sentenced due to robbing banks, John Anglin, Frank Morris, and Clarence Anglin managed to find a way out of Alcatraz back in 1962.

They dug through the light using utensils and used a raft as a sailboat that was crafted out of raincoats. The three men’s bodies were never recovered. Nobody knew for sure if they were able to successfully escape alive. The story turned into something weird when an escapee’s letter allegedly surfaced in recent years. This story was made into a film in 1979, directed by Don Siegel, called Escape from Alcatraz.

4.The Phoenix Lights

Sometimes The Phoenix Lights is also called Lights over Phoenix. People were left baffled when they encountered an aerial apparition up on the skies of Phoenix back in 1997. No one knew for sure if it was a natural phenomenon or an aircraft from the military. Some people even thought that this might be extraterrestrial lifeforms from a different planet. A huge crowd of locals chanced upon the bizarre lights found in the heavens that night.

The figure looked like an inverted V that was moving around in slow motion. To make it a different degree of strange, the figure was hovering in one particular spot. It was so huge it looked like it covered a number of soccer fields and even one Hollywood star was able to see the odd lights while he was on his private aircraft at that time. And after being reported by the ABC and NBC television networks, the case quickly caught the popular imagination of UFO-related events.

5.Area 51

Area 51 definitely ranks as one of the top mysteries in the world. The famous landmark is usually the place where most people assume that extraterrestrial beings are being stored by authorities. This faraway base is situated in the heart of the desert of Nevada. This place is usually the inspiration for so many conspiracy theories, and it has been for quite some time now.

Back in 1974, one famous theory involving an alien spacecraft was about a crash landing in New Mexico. It was said that the vessel as well as the bodies of the extraterrestrials were stored away at Area 51 for extensive research. Rumors also give credit to Area 51 for being the place where weather is being manipulated by the government. What draws people so much to this place is the fact that no one is allowed to go inside.

6.The Max Headroom TV Hacking

A couple of TV stations based in Chicago were hacked back in the late 80’s. When a program aired, an eerie hacker appeared and disrupted the signals for airing the broadcast. A unknown person donning Max Headroom glasses and a mask made an appearance when the broadcast was under interruption. The initial incident occurred as the news program was just about to air.

The interruption happened for approximately twenty five seconds. Later on, there was a second incident occurred about two hours later during WEEW’s broadcast of Doctor Who. What turned this hacking a degree weirder was when the hacker became inaudible the whole time since the character wasn’t doing anything on screen. To this day, no one really knows who was responsible for this very odd interruption. Nobody can really solve the mystery behind this odd television performance.


The legend of Bigfoot is about a mysterious hairy creature who makes giant footprints every time he walks around. It’s often described as large, muscular, bipedal ape-like creature. Rumors have been circulating that back when North America was still uninhabited, this creature was a prominent figure around the woods. There were a lot of people across America who made allegations that they saw Bigfoot. Clear camera footage of the creature is yet to be surfaced.

Nobody has been given credit for giving a crystal clear photograph of Bigfoot since most of the photos that circulated are incredibly blurry which is not enough to be conclusive evidences. A Bigfoot hunter by the name of Rick Dyer shared claims that he captured the hairy mystery. Eventually, the jig was up for Dyer since it was revealed that the bigfoot he “captured” was a prop made out of craft store materials.

8.Moon Landing

There are people who are still left unconvinced about Neil Armstrong’s trip to the moon. Many naysayers claim that Neil’s moon landing was a total hoax. Theories report that the broadcast was simply staged and was shot in Hollywood. Claims even credit Stanley Kubrick for being the director of the whole spectacle on  account of his success with the hit film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

He captivated viewers with incredible visuals and many argue it was solid proof that he was the mind behind the staging. One shady detail that some people claim is evidence for the fringe hypothesis is the rock in the Nasa moon landing video with the letter “C” engraved on it which was argued to be a film prop. NASA continually denies the allegations thrown at them and stands firm about their successful and iconic trip to the moon.

9.Boston Heist Paintings

The world’s biggest unsolved art heist happened almost thirty years ago, and we’re still no closer to finding what happened to all the stolen priceless art. The incident happened one evening in the 90s. A couple of art robbers donned police disguises and were able to trick the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum security team in Boston. The thieves were able to get in easily and handcuff security.

They successfully ran away with a number of precious artworks made by famous painters such as The Concert by Vermeer, Christ in the Storm on the Sea by Rembrandt, and Flinck’s Landscape with an Obelisk. The FBI has valued the haul at $500 million, and no arrests have been made and no works have been recovered. To this day, no one has been able to give credit to the mastermind behind the grand heist.

10.The Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones often take credit for being the Stonehenge of America. This monument made of granite was made back in 1979 and is located in Elbert County, Georgia. One slab stands in the center, with four arranged around it. Nobody knows for sure who had this monument commissioned. The person responsible for the mysterious structure remains unknown to this day. The only clue left by the creator is the name R.C Christian.

The team responsible for the building of the sculpture have no idea who had The Georgia Guidestones made. The monument turned the heads of many preachers, and astronomy fans for a number of years since. There are conspiracy theorists that believe the stones were made for decoding something and that some religious folks also like to perform rituals around the site. No one really knows the true origin and purpose of the structure.

11.The Taos Hum

A town in New Mexico called Taos had been the residence of famous folks like Dennis Hopper, D.H Lawrence, Aldous Huxley, Donald Rumsfeld, and Julia Roberts. This town is given credit for its artistic ambiance and relaxing vibe. The only odd thing about this place is the existence of a hum called the Taos Hum. It’s a persistent and invasive low-frequency humming, rumbling, or droning noise and not audible to all people.

Various theories suggest that the origins of the mysterious hum is the government, extraterrestrial minds, or paranormal activities. This hum is beyond mysterious because it is, to some degree, downright creepy. The hums were initially reported in the 90s by locals. There were academic researchers that have been looking into the odd phenomenon. No one can really identify the origin of the hums. Tests have been conducted but the answer remains a mystery.

12.Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart was born July 24,1897. She was an American aviation pioneerand author. The last sighting of aviator Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan was back in 1937 while she was about to hop in her Lockheed Electra 10E plane. The seasoned pilot flew off of New Guinea during one of the legs of their historical run to go around the world. She was expected to land on Howland Island, an area located in the Pacific Ocean, but her arrival never happened.

The search party formed to find the famous pilot consisted of planes and water vessels from the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy. Their reach around the ocean was wide yet no signs of Earhart and Noonan were found. To their credit, they did not easily give up the search until it became clear that no evidence was forthcoming. There were a lot of theories that popped up but none of them were able to crack the case.

13.Roaming Ruins

World-renowned treasure hunter, Rober Marx, was given credit for unearthing an odd type of foreign substance back in 1982. In a vast underwater area that can fit a number of tennis courts, over a hundred Roman ceramic jars lay. The jars remain fully intact and are also twin-handled. It’s unclear how they got there, or why. These pieces were once used as a tool to move goods around.

No one really knows how these jars got there. In 1983, the Bay of Jars was restricted from public use in order for scientists to conduct deeper research in the area and to prevent the place from being looted. To this day, the ancient Roman artifacts remain nestled in the seabed a hundred feet below the sea. But with the development of technology, one day it’s secrets can be found out.

14.Money Pit in Oak Island

For hundreds of years, reports have continually been spun stating that Oak island, which is situated near Nova Scotia, Canada, is home to a hidden money pit that was allegedly tucked away by a pirate named Captain Wiliam Kidd. A number of pricey explorations were done in and around Oak island in the hope of discovering the hidden booty. No one was able to successfully find the treasures hidden by the famous pirate.

A lot of people have made a lot of investments in the search, but nothing has panned out so far. The impact this legend has is prominent in pop culture today. In fact, there’s a program on History Channel that is loosely based on Oak Island’s mystery. Tv show called The Curse of Oak Island, it’s about a group of modern treasure hunters including brothers Rick and Marty Lagina of the “Michigan Group”.

15.Ark of the Covenant

A fleet from the Babylonian empire which was led by King Nebuchadnezzar II was able to capture Jerusalem. It ransacked the city and demolished its First Temple, a place of worship for Jewish people. The First Temple had the tablets that had the Ten Commandments on it called the  Ark of the Covenant. No one can really credit anyone for what happened to the Ark. Artifacts show that the ark was hidden right before the Babylonian siege.

Historians also hypothesized that the ark must have been damaged when the city was demolished. The location of the ark still remains a mystery. Numerous claims and narratives were made about the ark’s whereabouts. Some say the ark has gone as far as Ethiopia and is still kept there to this day. In modern popular culture, Steven Spielberg’s 1981 adventure film Raiders of the Lost Ark chose the Ark to be the main plot device of the movie.


The great philosopher Plato is given credit for telling the tale about a place called Atlantis which is situated right in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. In the legendary tale, the Athenians from the prehistoric age fought back and had the people of Atlantis as their enemy. As a result, Atlantis was nestled into the waves and simply vanished. Scientists and researchers were not convinced about the existence of the legendary Atlantis.

Most people say that the story draws inspiration from real happenings in the history of Greece. The city of Minoa could have played a huge part in the conception of the story since the people from this city vanished because of an intense volcanic eruption. Although scientists have already gathered enough evidence to conclude that the Minoans settled with the Mycenaeans after the tragedy.

17.Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Ancient authors have written about a marvelous set of gardens that were situated in the grand city of Babylon. The date as to when the gardens were established remains unclear to this day, which leaves a degree of mystery that is yet to be solved. These gardens were described as one of the world’s wonders. Philo of Byzantium even shared that the Hanging Gardens had plants that grew so high and that the trees in the garden had roots that were situated on a terrace above instead of the ground.

Scientists have failed to really find remnants of this legendary garden. No one is really sure whether the garden ever existed. However, there are also some researchers who made proposals that the garden was indeed real. The Hanging Gardens is the only one of the Seven Wonders whose position has not been determined. This is truly an undergoing mystery.

18.Copper Scroll Treasure

Back in 1953, a scroll made out of copper was found by scientists hidden in a cave. There were writings that were etched on the copper scroll. The scroll is said to hold the key to a great amount of treasure. Most scientists and researchers believe that this scroll is too good to be true. The scroll goes from way back during a period when the empire of Rome gained power over the Qumran domain.

It’s been said that there were numerous revolutions that fought against the Roman leadership during the production of the scroll. No one can be given credit for finding out the true hiding place of the copper scroll, or whether or not it truly exists. Since 2013, the Copper Scroll has been on display at the newly opened Jordan Museum in Amman after being moved from its previous home

19.Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript is a multiple-paged book that was written in various undeciphered scripts or languages. No one can really understand the contents of the manuscript. The pages also contain vivid drawings of odd diagrams, strange happenings, and flora that is still pretty much unknown. This manuscript has kept people on their toes since its contents are so intriguing. The origins of the book, to a huge degree, remain unclear. There are theories about how this manuscript really came to be.

Some historians claim that the manuscript was used to learn more about the medicinal purposes of plants and as some sort of reference book by ancient alchemists back in the day. Along with botanical details, the book also contains some remnants of astrological data. Voynich manuscripts have been studied by many professional and amateur cryptographers, including American and British cryptographers from both World War I and World War II.

20.Shroud of Turin

The Shroud of Turin, also called the Holy Shroud, is stored safely in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Turin, Northern Italy. It is considered to be one of the most closely studied items in the history of humankind. It still keeps secrets. The holy artifact is given credit by the Christian community as the shroud that Jesus of Nazareth was buried in.

The shroud has the face print of a man but scientists still can’t comprehend the data to reach any conclusion. Radiocarbon testing was done by a number of labs back in 1988 and the evidence suggests the shroud goes way back to the Middle Ages. There are still naysayers that claim the relic is a fake. Many historians and history buffs have made a lot of investments toward figuring out the authenticity of this mysterious piece of linen.

21.Bermeja Island

A long time ago, Isla Bermeja could still be found off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Back in the 70s, Bermeja Island became an indicator for Mexico to become its economic zone. A couple of decades later Isla Bermeja vanished out of nowhere leaving no clues. The island was also home to some vital documents that contained a treaty that had to do with important oil reserves that were situated inside the region of the island.

The missing documents led to a heightened interest in conspiracy theories pointing out the CIA were responsible for the disappearance of the island. They credit the island’s disappearance to the CIA’s interest in finding a way to expand America’s important economic zone. Others believed that it was caused by shifts in the geography of the ocean floor, the early cartographers and rising sea levels.

22.Chinese-Alien Wars

An ancient Asian scroll sourced from Japan shows a Japanese businessman in a tiny flying saucer that is seen on a rice field. The writing seen above the scroll represented what the merchant read etched on the spacecraft. New researchers are convinced that a Chinese war from the prehistoric era involved state-of-the-art weapons.  They also believe that some regions located in the northern areas were invaded by extraterrestrial life.

They believe that armies composed of aliens can take credit for building pyramids, and that these aliens had locals as slaves. Apparently, the aliens also fought against opposing warlords. Researchers are also convinced that another race of aliens fought on earth, too, and had red hair and leather armor. Whatever the case may be, extraterrestrials were likely involved. There has been a lot of fantasy about aliens, but in fact, there is no definitive evidence to prove the existence of aliens.

23.Yamashita’s Treasure

A Filipino locksmith by the name of Roger Roxas was a member of a group of amateur treasure hunters. One of the group’s members was also Albert Fuchigami, the son of an army officer from Japan. When Albert was a young boy, his father presented him with a map that showed huge sums of gold bars said to be buried in a tunnel nestled in the Philippines.

Fuchigami was able to make a recreation of the map. Roxas and Fuchigami’s group successfully located the tunnel system along with a railroad track sighting. When they came across the sighting they discovered that the Japanese forces demolished most of the entrances. Moments later,  as they dug through the ground, the floor broke down and they saw a Gold Buddha underneath. The investment in time and money that they made for this mission was a lot.


The mysterious Mothman story can take credit for being one of the most recognizable urban legends out there. The story has had many variations, some of which were adapted for print and film. Mothman apparitions have been reported for a number of years in places as far-flung as West Virginia. He is said to be a human figure who has large wings and red eyes. A lot of people are bewildered and fearful over the Mothman.

The Mothman is also said to be connected to numerous events that involved death and destruction. No one is sure if the story of the Mothman is being told as a practical joke, but what’s certain is it’s a story that will keep freaking people out for a very long time. The Mothman also appears in popular culture. The 2002 film The Mothman Prophecies, starring Richard Kiel, was based on Kiel’s book.

25.Beast of Bodmin

The Beast of Bodmin is a huge catlike creature that is native to the United Kingdom. People describe it as a lengthy and strong beast. Most people deny the existence of this very strange catlike animal. Though some evidence of the creature has surfaced, including what seems to be video footage of an attack on livestock by some strange animal, none are deemed conclusive so far.

These pieces of evidence really increase the possibility of this catlike animal being real. Nobody knows what is really lurking in the area. The first case of the bodeman monster was reported in 1983.The Beast of Bodmin is fascinating to some degree. Everyone is trying to figure out what this mysterious animal is capable of doing or how it came to be. The pieces of evidence found, however, are not enough to explain the mystery.


One of the beliefs in Tibetan Buddhism is that the Dalai Lama is a reincarnation of the previous one. The Dalai Lama found out about a young boy named Gedhun Choekyi Nyima who claimed he was the Choekyi Gyaltsen’s reincarnation back in 1995. Choekyi Gyaltsen was the previous Panchen Lama. He was next in line to become the next leader.

Unfortunately, authorities from China captured the young boy and decided to have their own Panchen Lama, a different boy named Gyaltsen Norbu who happens to be the son of a government official. No one is still sure about the whereabouts of the young Gedhun Choekyi Nyima which makes it mysterious to a drastic degree. There were no traces of him left after his disappearance and his family was also abducted.

27.Skinwalker Ranch

The mysterious Sherman Ranch is situated in Ballard, Utah. It is also known to some as the Skinwalker Ranch. Its name is taken from the skin-walker of Navajo legend concerning vengeful shaman. The eerie location is given credit for being a place where a lot of paranormal activities happen. The ranch’s owners have shared claims that some of their cattle were seized by wolves who were bulletproof.

A lot of animals from the vicinity got hurt too. The ranch’s bulls were also placed inside containers for storage. Robert Bigelow, a rich millionaire, wanted to purchase the ranch for research purposes for his organization called the National Institute of Discovery Science. To this day, the things that happened around the ranch are still left unfathomable. A lot of people believe that aliens are behind all the weird events on the ranch.

28.Blue Dogs Spotted in India

Blue dogs were spotted in India before. The four-legged creatures were walking around a highly industrialized area in Mumbai. Locals from the neighborhood eventually learned that the dogs had soaked themselves in dirty water, which was given credit for making their fur blue. Fortunately, the dye was not toxic at all and was easily washable. The event did cause an uproar among the local community.

They wondered how the dogs were able to jump in that type of water in the first place. Some investigative journalists noted that the dye came from numerous factories. Poor pollution control might have been one culprit of this strange phenomenon since the industrialized area was home to many factories for many years. People began to worry that this dye would bring dangerous pollutants and cause damage to human body too. Authorities are still thriving to implement better pollution control rules.

29.Mysterious Void Discovered in Egypt’s Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid has always been a source of mystery that has led many people to dream up numerous theories about different things throughout history. Indeed, a big void was discovered inside one of Egypt’s Great Pyramids and its purpose continues to baffle experts to this day. The void is the first large inner structure discovered within the 4,500-year-old pyramid since the 1800s.

The 153 feet long and 26 feet tall structure leads to the burial chamber of the famous Egyptian king, Khufu. Archaeologists have yet to see what’s inside the void. A muon radiography device was used to peek through the structure. The many questions experts have about the void remain unanswered. The contents of the pyramid are also unknown. This dazzling feat of architecture for which ancient Egyptians can take credit remains a huge mystery for historians and scientists alike.

30.Margaret Foos

A young lady by the name of Margaret Foos started manifesting a talent dubbed as blind reading back in the 1960s. By simply touching a book, Foos can read its contents without needing to open the cover. She nurtured her talent under her father’s encouragement. Margaret was quick to claim that she had psychic abilities. Scientists started conducting studies about her.

They blindfolded Foos while requesting her to touch any type of book. The FBI was also given a chance to study Foos’ self-proclaimed powers. The investigators failed to unearth any signs that prove she was a hoax. The young girl was also examined by psychiatrists and Foos was able to accurately read all the books that were given to her while she was blindfolded. A lot of scientists made investments in this young girl’s exceptional and strange talent.

31.Why Dozens of Octopuses Marched Out of the Sea

Seeing octopus hop around tide pools is a pretty common sight to see but there was an instance when over two dozen of these creatures were seen walking on solid ground in Wales. The octopus is roughly a foot long and was heading to inland strangely. Researchers came up with a few theories as to why this strange phenomenon might have happened.

The first theory concluded that the octopuses might have gone senile, the second theory figured that huge storms were to blame for the displacement of the creatures away from aquatic life. Another theory suggests that the octopuses had to travel for food and seek shelter. The degree of strangeness can leave scientists and water enthusiasts in awe. To this day, experts and locals alike can’t really pinpoint the real reason why these creatures walked in the manner they have.

32.Cicada 3301

A mysterious image emerged from the famous site 4Chan back in 2012. The poster was anonymous and claimed that he was from a top-secret group that was called Cicada 3301. He said the group was scouting for intellectual individuals to be part of their elusive organization. A secret message was embedded in the picture. The clue was able to bring a number of puzzles which hinted that the group exists around the planet.

Nobody is certain about what or who Cicada 3301 really is but contemporary puzzles pop out in the month of January yearly. Conspiracy theorists have made a lot of investments into cracking the code embedded in the mysterious image just to find out whether the secret society really exists. The Washington Post once called it “one of the top five most terrible unsolved mysteries of the Internet.”

33.Seed Showers

A man by the name of Ronald Moody was given credit for being the first person to see seeds falling from the heavens. It was, needless to say, an absolutely strange phenomenon. The seeds that landed on the ground were covered in a jelly-like concoction. At that time, trees and birds were nowhere to be seen, which meant that nobody had an explanation for the falling seeds.

After the weird apparition, neighbors started reporting the same thing, too. The number of seeds was so vast, it began filling up numerous buckets. Ronald chose to propagate the seeds on the ground to grow plants. The following year, the locals in the area were able to grow plants like cress, beans, mustard, and corn.

34.The Oakville Blobs

Six raging rainstorms happened in Oakville, Washington, back in 1994. It wasn’t water that poured out from the sky during that time, it was gelatinous blobs that fell to the ground instead. Witnesses recalled that the blobs had a jelly-like quality. To add another degree of weirdness to the story, numerous locals around the area who came into contact with the blobby substance manifested flu-like symptoms. They described having difficulty breathing, extreme vertigo, blurred vision, and an increasing sense of nausea.

Animals nearby were also harmed due to the rainfall. When researchers conducted a study about the mysterious debris, they discovered it had human white blood cells. At present, not a single person was able to figure out what the substance was or how it fell from the sky in the way that it had. The gelatinous and translucent pieces of blob remain a mystery to this day.

35.Malaysian Airline Flight

Globe trotters who enjoy traveling by air will get the creeps when they find out about MH370 since it is something that can take credit as one of the most bizarre unsolved mysteries in the 21st century. MH370 was the flight number of a Malaysian aircraft that mysteriously vanished during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing back in March 2014. The plane was passing through the Indian Ocean as it went missing from the radar without any valid explanation.

To this day there are still no signs of engine failure and turbulence. There were 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board during that fateful flight. A team led a huge search and rescue effort that spanned the Indian Ocean West of Australia to the Central parts of Asia. The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has been described as “one of the biggest mysteries in the history of modern aviation”.


Rongorongo is a mysterious system of glyphs that were seen etched on different artifacts on the famous and equally-mysterious Easter Island. It was discovered on Easter island in the 19th century. A lot of people thought that they represented an ancient system of writing and that they can possibly be given credit as one of only three independent inventions of calligraphy in the history of mankind. To this day, the glyphs have yet to be cracked.

Some even believe that the real message can explain the purpose of the mysterious writing. Some even believe that the Rongorongo can provide details about the mind-boggling collapse of the statue-building Easter Island community which was lost for good. A lot of people have attempted to decipher the difficult script. The rest of the wooden objects bearing rongorongo inscriptions is now scattered in museums and private collections.

37.Dark Energy

A small percentage of the universe is recognized to consist of dark matter. A lot more is used in the formation of dark energy. A bigger percentage is made of everything that surrounds us. No one can really be given credit for knowing what dark energy consists of. What most people believe is that dark matter is derived from the Cosmic Microwave Backround’s energy.

Eventually, scientists figured out three types of explanations. They hypothesized that it must have been a result of  a long-discarded version of Einstein’s theory of gravity. Theorists still can’t figure out what the proper explanation for the odd phenomenon is. They have given the mystery a name and dubbed it as dark energy since they discovered that there is a strange type of energy-fluid that fills up a certain area.


For a small amount of time, Saturn contained a small, strange tiny moon which they dubbed Peggy. The satellite was named after the mother-in-law of London researcher Carl Murray and first discovered in 2013. Since then, researchers have been tracking its impact on surrounding ice and dust particles. Back in 2013, NASA’s Cassini was able to take photos of the rings of Saturn and was able to catch energy that astronomers thought to be from a new tiny moon formation.

The discovery led to new insights about how Saturn’s various satellites were able to develop. A press release sent by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab announced that the unidentified figure is anticipated to grow bigger. There is also a possibility that the figure will break apart. Peggy’s updated status is also left to be uncomprehended. The degree to which Peggy remains a mystery is extremely baffling to many in the scientific community.

39.Majestic 12

Back in the mid-1980s, a surprising number of documents allegedly from the US government were leaked and were made available to the public. One of the claims that surfaced involved former president Harry Truman. It was alleged that he was involved with Operation Majestic 12, a committee that included twelve men who went undercover to cover up the Roswell Incident, which was a failed UFO landing back in the late ’40s.

The project used tech that landed in the hands of the US government. A lot of people believe that everything was a ruse. In fact, theories are still swirling around to this day, suggesting that the US government went to great lengths to hide the allegations. Despite all the time investments conspiracy theorists have made into uncovering the truth, nobody has any concrete evidence either way.

40.The Shot Heard Around the World

“The Shot Heard Around the World” can take credit for ensuring the start of the American Revolution. No one knows exactly who shot the initial fire in the first place. The Revolution started with the Battle of Lexington and Concord in the year 1775. The number of Americans during the battle were much smaller than the British fleet. The colonists were attempting to not let their ammunition gain any future damages.

British  forces had to be patient enough and wait for hours in order to reload their ship supplies. The British proceeded to travel to Concord. It was during this time when the British troops thought they received a secret order to wreak havoc upon the enemy lines’ military goods. Now this phrase is still an idiom in the 21st century and is often widely used to refer to extraordinary events.

41.William Shakespeare’s Authorship Question

There have been mysteries surrounding the identity of the great literary English  icon, Wiliam Shakespeare. He is given credit for writing famous plays, including Julius Caesar, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and The Merchant of Venice. People are still puzzled by the fact that a glover’s son who hailed from the countryside was able to make it big as a literary genius.

Famous theories mention that Shakespeare was employed as a ghostwriter or that he was really the famous essayist, Francis Bacon or Edward de Vere, who was the 17th Earl of Oxford. Shakespeare is also believed by a few to be Christopher Marlowe, a playwright who lived around the same time. A lot of Conspiracy theories surround the famous playwright’s authorship of the aforementioned bodies of work. People are still curious as to what the real score is about Shakespeare’s identity.

42.Angelique Cottin

A teenage girl by the name of Angelique Cottin started showing clues that she possessed powers back in 1845. Angelique had the ability to move things by spreading out her hand towards the objects. Whenever someone got close to her, the person would experience electricity-like shocks. She can distinguish the poles of a magnet by touching it. The compass swayed violently in front of her.

Researchers took a closer look at the young French girl and conducted a lot of studies on her. They then shared that they were unable to find a special skill just like hers. The girl’s parents wanted to monetize her special abilities and started displaying her in exhibits. Time went by and the young girl shared claims that she no longer had powers. Eventually, she moved away to lead a normal life away from the public eye.

43.The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

A legend about the Mountains of Arizona exists that speaks of a mine filled with gold. The mine, so the legend goes, has the ability to give people the chance to be wealthy. Individuals who’ve searched for the mine turned up lost. The mountains have always had an air of mystery about them for a very long time. The land is sprawling with old cliff remnants and caves bearing signs of people who used to inhabit the place.

The details about the people who used to inhabit the land are uncertain. Some people believe that these people are Hohokam or Salado Indians who used to dwell on the land. The Primas and Apaches inhabited some of the areas of the land. A lot of people placed investments on finding the treasure. Some have died on the search, but there are still people looking for it every year.

44.Dark Matter

Back in the 60s and 70s, scientists made various hypotheses suggesting that there may be a lot of mass swirling around the universe that is not visible to the eye. An astronomer that goes by the name Vera Rubin was given credit for his study on the velocity of stars in different locations spread throughout galaxies. Rubin was able to observe that there is practically no difference in the speed of the stars at the center of the galaxy compared to those that are spread at the outer regions.

Rubin’s results seemed to be different from Newton’s principles in physics which suggests that stars that are located outside a galaxy turn around at a slower pace. Astronomers came to the conclusion that the phenomenon involved invisible matter. Although there are several different explanations of dark matter, the existence of dark matter is generally accepted by the scientific community.

45.The Mary Celeste

A magnificent ship called the Mary Celeste sailed away from New York’s coast. The ship’s captain was Benjamin Briggs who had his family and crew along with him on the voyage to transfer 1,700 barrels of alcoholic drinks to Italy. Unfortunately, the boat wasn’t able to reach the final destination. The majestic and grand Mary Celeste was later found safely floating in the Atlantic Ocean around the shores of the island of Azores.

What made this disappearance mysterious to an intense degree was that the scene did not appear to be a pirate attack since nothing was looted and important paper documents were still present on the ship. Everything was there but the people who were present in the voyage. The story of the Mary Celeste 1872 abandonment has been narrated and dramatized in novels, films, documentaries and plays.

46.Giant Void

When you look up into the sky on earth, do you wonder what’s up there? Contrary to popular belief, the Giant Void is not like a black hole. It is mysteriously empty of both matter and dark matter. What makes this void totally unlike a black hole is the fact that light can pass right through it. Scientists are also convinced that the Giant Void has dark energy inside it. The void was discovered by scientists thanks to their handy telescopes.

The scientists then found out that the void is composed of a part of the milky way, which is void of majestic bodies like stars. The reexamination of the scientists with telescopes made them want to figure out how stars are being distributed while inside the galaxy. Science fans can put so many investments in the discovery of the Giant Void. Human exploration of the universe is far from over.

47.Treed by Tunguska Event

The most massive asteroid impact in history that was ever recorded happened in an uninhabited area of Siberia, Russia. The explosive event occurred right over the Eastern Siberian taiga, on top of the Podkamennaya Tunguska River, which is currently known as Krasnoyarsk Krai. The aftermath caused the flattening of about eighty million trees. To commemorate the blast, people in the nearby area celebrate Asteroid Day yearly during the anniversary of the explosion which is now dubbed the Tunguska event.

The people who witnessed the explosion recounted spotting a fireball that emitted bluish light and was almost as bright as the sun. They say it produced a sound similar to artillery. The shockwave caused windows to break and people to get knocked down. They credit the event as one of the most shocking things they’ve witnessed in their lifetime.

48.The Mystery of Bouvet Island

Bouvet Island is a parcel of land located in the South Atlantic with no one living in the area. The place is 49 square kilometres (19 sq mi) and 93 percen covered with ice from glaciers. The center of the island is occupied by an inactive volcano filled with ice. It is given credit as the planet’s most remote island. It was discovered by a Norwegian explorer by the name of Jean Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier back in 1739.

The island is filled with ice and rocks. Plants don’t grow around the vicinity, too, for reasons that have been studied. From an aerial view, the island looks like a huge snowball that’s been flattened. In 1977, a monitoring station was established in the area yet the most odd object was spotted in 1964. A boat was seen on the island with no traces or any valid explanation.

49.Do the Men in Black really exist?

Rumors regarding the Men in Black have been surfacing in the US since the 1940s. They have become a fixture in pop culture, and there exists a great number of people who believe that the MIB legend started in large part because of the US authority’s deceitful actions. Theorists believe that the Men in Black’s goal is not to convince people that extraterrestrials don’t exist.

Rather, it’s to add another layer of confusion regarding UFOs for the purpose of hiding what really goes on between the government and their extraterrestrial cohorts. There are many people who support this theory. It looks like it is a mystery within a mystery, and it’s something that can be very hard to figure out. To some degree, it may never be figured out, because any theory about it can be readily dismissed as the confabulations of a crank.

50.Lost Treasure of Paititi

A lot of people have heard of the tale of El Dorado,  a city that was once filled with gold that got lost around the South American rainforests. El Dorado is also a legend that talks about a Muisca Chieftain who slathers himself with golden dust before making different religious rituals. Paititi is given credit as being the real City of Gold. The Spanish waged war against the Incas who hailed from Peru for a number of years.

Vilcabamba Valley became the place of retreat for the Incas when they saw that the huge city was uninhabited. It also looked like the Incas, who transferred to the new place in the Brazilan rainforests, took a hefty amount of treasure in the form of gold. The search for Paititi has never stopped over the last 100 years. The 2018 video game shadow of the Tomb Raider takes Paititi as an important venue, hosting artifacts hunted by Lara Croft.

51.What Happened to the Crew of Sara Jo

There was a group of five men who set out to sail on a tiny boat for a fishing trip in the island of Hawaii. Between them, they had over fifty years of sea-going experience. One of them earned his living as a professional fisherman. They left the harbor at around 10am. A storm suddenly arrived and the five men were never seen and heard from again.

A decade later, the boat was spotted around the Marshall Islands by the shore of a small island. No one has any clue about what happened to the men in the boat. Scientists estimate that it took three months for the boat to drift to where it was found. A survey was conducted on the island six years before the boat was found but nobody knew who laid out the vessel in the first place. During the survey the boat was not even seen by anyone.

52.Are there extra dimensions in space?

Does our universe exist in more than just three dimensions? A lot of people doubt that there are extra dimensions in space yet some are quick to point out that the real question is finding out how many dimensions there actually are. A number of physicists conclude that more dimensions than the regular three are utilized for physics to really have a full grasp of the universe.

It is extremely difficult to fathom the billions of possibilities that might answer the questions of the universe we live in. No one can take credit for solving this scientific riddle, because it remains a mystery yet to be solved. A lot of theories and equations were done to bring us closer to the answer. One must go through extensive research and read mountains of books to come up with a solution for this.

53.Milky Sea Phenomenon

For centuries, sailors have shared reports about encounters with a mysterious “milky” cast that can be seen out in the sea. They describe it as sailing in the snow or milk, it also felt like plowing through molten lead. Scientists at the time were baffled by the phenomenon and were unsure about its authenticity.

Back in 2006, some people who conducted research on the matter were able to get satellite images of a milky substance in the sea, and a number of years later, some experiments revealed that the glow is probably from bacteria that were bioluminescent. Researchers are still studying the reasons behind the bacteria’s bioluminescence, and why such bacteria congregate in certain areas of the sea. Needless to say, unlike other mysteries on this list, this is one that we believe science will be able to solve in time.


Just a few decades ago, the world of science was not aware if there were in fact planets that circle other stars besides the famous Sun. At present, researchers are convinced exoplanets can be found orbiting around every star. These exoplanets come in various sizes. They can appear like gas giants the size of Jupiter or tiny, rocky planets that are the same size as Mars and Earth.

These exoplanets can be hot, they can boil metal or be frozen all over. They can also go around each of their stars so tight that a year on earth might be equivalent to a few days on some of them — this is because some of them can go around two stars in one go. Humankind should give credit to NASA’s Kepler spacecraft for giving us the ability to see far worlds.

55.The Lost Colony of Roanoke

The Island of Roanoke is located off the coast of what is now known to be North Carolina. It was erected back in 1585 by settlers from England. John White was given credit as the settlement’s first governor. He traveled to England to get supplies, which caused him to leave his family — his wife, son-in-law, and granddaughter. John White’s granddaughter is Virginia Dare, who many are convinced is the first English person born in America.

Upon the return of White in 1590, he chanced upon a colony that appeared to be abandoned. The word “Croatoan” was even etched on a post. The name “The Lost Colony” came from the unexplained disappearance of its population. Many believe that the people who inhabited the area transferred to a neighboring island where they adopted the life of a Native American tribe with a similar namesake.

56.Mohenjo Daro

Mohenjo Daro is given credit as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an ancient civilization that came to be more than four thousand years ago. The place was home to many fertile lands from the Indus River. Unfortunately, the area strangely collapsed for some reason. Nobody knew about the city of Mohenjo Daro until 1911 when researchers paid a visit to the site. Archaeologists performed some excavations by early 1920.

The original name of the city is unknown. Based on his analysis of a Mohenjo Daro seal, Iravatham Mahadevan speculated that the ancient name of the city might be kukkutarma. The ancient area was popular for its drainage system which is considered to be advanced. The construction of the place was also grid-like yet the whereabouts of the inhabitants remain a mystery to this day. Theorists believe that the people who used to inhabit the area were attacked by conquerors.

57.The Late Bronze Age Collapse

By approximately 1200 BC, the Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean, and Anatolia region were abruptly destroyed in a disruptive and violent way. The cities around the area almost vanished completely, whole civilizations fell, writing systems vanished and diplomatic and trade relations were severed, which ushered in the Dark Ages due to the collapse of culture.

Scholars are convinced that the demise of the area was because of foreign invaders, a negative fluctuation in international trading, or some catastrophe brought by nature in the form of droughts or earthquakes. The Bronze Age is also given credit for being the first time humankind began utilizing metal for work. It was also believed that Ancient Sumerians from the Middle East were the first individuals to enter this age. During this age, many technological advancements have been made.

58.Beale Ciphers

Beale Ciphers is a set of ciphertexts that are said to show the location of an ancient treasure, hidden deep underground. The secret treasure consisted of tucked gold, silver, and other precious metals and stones, which are estimated to be valued more than $43 million. Rumors say that anyone who can reveal the whereabouts of the Beale Ciphers will be handsomely rewarded with about $12 million worth of gold. A lot of gamers and mystery enthusiasts have made investments toward cracking the mystery behind the ciphertexts.

Legend has it that Thomas J. Beale, an American national, chanced upon a treasure that had precious items in it. This was when he jotted down encoded letters that had details on how to find the hidden treasure. Beale was never seen again after this. Some studies believe that the reason why Bill’s code has not been cracked is that the code itself is a fabricated prank.

59.Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient device that can be likened to a computer. Historians believe that it was crafted by scientists who hailed from Greece back in the day, around 150 BC and 100 BC. This ancient artifact was spotted inside the shipwreck that was estimated to be more than a thousand years old. It was located by the coast of Antikythera, an island in Greece.

Princeton University’s Derek J. De Solla Price, a science historian, is given credit for discovering the device. He believed that the Antikythera mechanism could be used to predict eclipses and astronomical placements. What makes it even strange is that this type of technology was not made until the 14th century during the time medical clocks were manufactured in Europe. Antikythera mechanism are now installed at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

60.King Arthur

No one is really sure about King Arthur’s existence. Was he really given an Excalibur in order to be the unifying symbol for British rule? A lot of people are aware of the tales that concern King Arthur of Camelot, and most people give the king credit for leading British troops in a war against Saxon invaders. The mystery behind his existence remains baffling to many.

No one is entirely sure if he’s certainly a historical figure or simply a bedtime story myth. There have been numerous debates about how this legend came to be. One historian crafted a list of more than ten battles the famous king was involved in. This list was derived from Welsh poetry and it mentioned that the wars took place at various times and venues. Arthur’s name also appears in early poetic sources.

61.Mirny Diamond Mine Mystery

The second-largest mine on the planet is the Mir’ or Mirny diamond mine. It is located in Eastern Siberia and it has produced diamonds that were valued at approximately billions of dollars back in the 60s. Unfortunately, the site had closed its operations permanently in the early 2000s. The nation of Russia barred helicopters from traveling over it, afraid that the mine would create an air current and form a vortex.

There are unconfirmed claims that some air vessels have been trapped in by the vortex made of air. To this day, visitors are prohibited from entering the town without bringing a permit with them. Soviet geologists are given credit for discovering the rare site. The mine is measured to be over five hundred meters deep and 1,200 meters across making it the second largest excavated hole in the world, after Bingham Canyon Mine.

62.What is Written on Dighton Rock

Back in the 1950s, workers discovered a large rock that was measured to be about 40-tons in weight. It was located in Berkeley, Massachusetts. The rock was carved with mysterious symbols and marks. The rock was initially described in the 16th century when a reverend by the name of John Danforth paid a visit to the rock. After studying it, he concluded that the carvings were made by Native Americans who were sharing the story of a ship’s arrival.

For centuries, the rock had been a topic of historical discussion. No one is really sure if it was made by local native tribes since it had inscriptions that seemed pictorial and the carvings were all letter-like in nature. Some people even credit Portuguese sailors and Vikings for the carvings on the rock but no one is really certain. In 1971 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

63.Aluminum Wedge of Aiud

The reason why the wedge of Aiud seems to be so mysterious is that researchers can’t gain access to the wedge. Builders who hailed from the neighboring town of Aiud in Romania are given credit for first spotting the relic back in the early 70s. It was then discovered that it was more than thirty feet underground and was closely linked to mastodon fossils.

What makes the wedge truly one-of-a-kind is that a large percentage of it is made out of metallic aluminum which humankind started making approximately two centuries ago. It is also coated in an aluminum oxide that is around 400 years old. Bones from an animal that is thought to be extinct for more than ten thousand years ago is also seen in the coating. It’s one of the most mysterious and controversial objects of our time.

64.The Circle Stone and the Sea of Galilee

During a scientific expedition, some scientists accidentally found a large structure that was circular in shape and was nestled deep, almost thirty feet, underwater in the Sea of Galilee. The structure made of basalt looked like it was constructed on land and was made with a lot of huge stones and was left submerged. The researchers said that it weighs an estimated 60,000 tons, heavier than most modern-day warships.

The stone was estimated to be aged around 2,000 to 12,000 years old but the whole reason behind its constructions is still very much a mystery. For scientists, it is incredibly hard to study it without doing any damage to it since it’s submerged underwater without doing any damage. A lot of investments were made to really study this odd discovery since archeologists still have no idea about the stone’s purpose.

65.Baghdad Batteries

While browsing through the jar collection from the National Museum of Iraq, one might not find it all too spectacular but once people get deep into inspecting the collection, they often find that there is something remarkable about it. It was discovered that the outside layer of the jar which is made from clay is topped with asphalt and has an iron rod situated inside a tube made of copper.

Researchers found out that when vinegar is filled inside the jar, it can manifest a charge that works like a battery. There are theories that say these jars were utilized as electroplate metal, but to this day there exists no proof to back these theories up. This item suggests that electricity has been around for much longer than we knew. Another explanation is that it served to store sacred scrolls.

66.Missing Space Probes and Satellites

During the time NASA held its launch for the IMAGE satellite in the year 2000, the organization had high expectations for the pricey spacecraft that was worth $150 million. They figured that it might have a lengthy service career when it took photos and was a big help in researching the planet’s atmosphere, but five years after its launch, IMAGE abruptly got lost in space.

In recent years, Scott Tilley, an astronomer, was given credit for successfully obtaining radio signals derived from satellites in an attempt to retrieve traces of the missing contraption. A missing ZUMA satellite was detected when there was a malfunction from a SpaceX rocket. There are still remnants of the data retrieved for NASA thanks to Tilley’s skills as an astronomer.

67.The Lost City of Kalahari

The Lost City of the Kalahari is a historical mystery of exploration and archaeology, which can be traced back to the end of the 19th century. Guillermo Farini reportedly encountered an odd and strange city in the Kalahari Desert. He shared his research with the Berlin Geographical Society and Great Britain’s Royal Geographical Society. Farini published a book that described his discovery in intricate detail.

The book described eerie formations of rock that he believed were ruins from an ancient civilization. He also believed that the area was formed like an arc while some parts of it were left deep in the sand while other parts could be seen. As years went by, rumors began circulating saying that an ancient city existed in the middle of the Kalahari and is now shrouded in desert sands. To put it to a more interesting degree, the native Khoi Khoi also mentioned that there was an ancient city in the same area.

68.Pomorie Tomb

The Pomorie Tomb is located near the town of Pomorie, Bulgaria. The destination was revamped in the late 50s but researchers failed to figure out a better name for the structure or figure out how it was built with so much accuracy during that era. Czech brothers and archeologists Karel and Hermann Skorpil were given credit for the drawings notes regarding the mysterious structure while studies were being conducted in the tomb.

The brothers believed that it was a tomb, just like most historians do today. Some researchers also think that it was a mausoleum that was established for a hero during the time. In ancient times, people visited the monument massively and held religious ceremonies there. To this day, research is still being done to really figure out what the purpose of the mysterious structure is.

69.1882 Winchester Rifle

Employees from the Great Basin National Park were given credit for discovering a Winchester rifle that leaned up against a tree during one of their daily rounds. They instantly figured that it was old — and they were astonished to be informed later on that it was more than a century old. They found out that the rifle was manufactured back in 1882. No one really knows who the owner of the gun was or why it was left in the manner that it was.

Some believe that it was purposely left in the park for an unknown reason. The rifle is being kept safe in the Cody Firearms Museum. The main goal is to return the rifle to the park to become an interesting display for all to see. On the park’s Facebook page, a post about the weathered gun captured the imagination of the public and went viral on the Internet.

70.Traub Motorcycle

During a regular renovation in Chicago back in 1960, an old motorcycle with the word “Traub” etched on it was seen after brick walls were torn down by a plumber. The said plumber went to search for the initial owners of the building. The original owners shared that their son acquired the motorcycle from someone else and decided to hide it in the wall. After its discovery, the motorcycle was sold to a number of people.

It eventually ended up at the Wheels Through Time Museum where the founder uses the bike since it still operates smoothly. Ardent motorcycle aficionados credit the  articulate design of the Traub motorcycle since many say it’s better than other motorcycles that were manufactured after it. The majority of the components on this bike are handmade, it’s also equipped with a Schebler carburetor, a Bosch magneto, a Troxel Jumbo seat and period wheel rims.

71.The Disappearance of The USS Cyclops

How did the largest warship of the US Navy disappear without trace? Back in February of 1918, the USS Cyclops set out to sea from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Three-hundred-six people were on board, including passengers and crew members. The voyage was en route to Baltimore, Maryland, and the vessel was transporting manganese ore, which was estimated to weigh around 100 tons, so they went over the usual capacity.

An on-the-spot visit to the island of Barbados was made and the USS Cyclops set out to Baltimore once again and was expected to arrive in March 1918. There were reports that the vessel was spotted, but Cyclops wasn’t able to reach its intended destination. No remnants of the ship were found, and no wreckage was ever seen. Some people credit the mysterious Bermuda Triangle for the strange disappearance.

72.Phaistos Disc

The story behind the Phaistos Disc seems like it came from a famous adventure-packed film. Luigi Pernie, an Italian archaeologist, was given credit for discovering the disc which used to be situated in the Minoan palace of Phaistos back in 1908. The disc is about 15 cm (5.9 inches) in diameter and covered on both sides with a spiral of stamped symbol. The mysterious artifact is made of materials like fired clay and also has undeciphered symbols that seem to show an unfamiliar form of hieroglyphics.

Some experts think that the disks were crafted around the second millennium BC. Scholars also believe that the hieroglyphs represent symbols Linear A and Linear B that were used in Crete during ancient times. Linear A remains to be unsolved, too. The disc is one of the most popular puzzles in archaeological history. Unfortunately, it remains a mystery.

73.Gulf Breeze UFO

The Gulf Breeze Sentinel released numerous photographs that were given to them by a native contractor by the name of Ed Walters. The photos allegedly proved the existence of UFOs. Bruce Maccabee, a UFO expert, was convinced that the photos were real yet there were numerous people who believed that it was fake. A reporter started a thorough investigation about Walter’s story for a number of years and cited that the Gulf Breeze Sentinel’s story was sensationalist and uncritical.

The reporter was successfully able to match Ed Walters’ UFO photographs to a convincing degree. He used a model UFO made from styrofoam found in Walters’ attic. The attic was located under the house the contractor lived in when the story was first published. Whether Walters’ photos are true or not, Williams said Gulf Breeze and Pensacola remain a “UFO hotspot.”

74.Trabuco Treasure

A pilot by the name of Red Mosier was able to land numerous flights in the desert. This was where he met Mexican millionaire Leon Trabuco. Gold coins and precious jewels were melted and were cast into ingots. In a couple of months, the two men were able to collect nearly 16 tons of real gold. Trabuco went around the US to find an appropriate place to keep the illegal treasure safely.

When he wasn’t able to find a good hiding place, he thought it would be more efficient to bury the gold instead. Over the years, he and his partner were all died. He can only take the secret of the gold to the grave. There are numerous claims that Trabuco picked a deserted Mexican region to hide the treasure. To this day, no one can credit anyone else for finding the hiding place of the massive loot.


The Yeti can take credit for being one of the most popular mysterious animals on earth, right next to Nessie and the Bigfoot. To Sherpas, the Yeti is alive and legitimate. The first clues about the Yeti started popping out of the Himalayas when a number of explorers who hailed from various sides of the world immediately believed that the Sherpas were indeed on to something. Explorations done in the Himalayas have unraveled amazing tales of mysterious creatures that almost looked human, and who dwelled in the area.

A world-renowned mountaineer by the name of Eric Shipton stumbled upon some tracks back in 1951. A single footprint measured about 13 inches long and had a span of 8 inches. The footprint didn’t appear like it was made by someone, too. But the scientific community generally believes that the Yeti is the result of complex folk beliefs, rather than a huge ape-like creature.

76.Travis Walton

An Arizonian logger by the name of Travis Walton was working as he chopped some logs deep in the woodlands while using chainsaws together with his crew and a few other men. The men in the scene claimed that they spotted a UFO and Travis was nowhere to be found. The whole crew reported the strange incident to the police and had Travis as a reported missing person case.

A few days after the report, Travis reemerged alone and disclosed that extraterrestrial beings abducted him and conducted research on him. And to this day, no one can really give credit to his successful escape plan. At present, Walton attends conventions and gives interviews where he talks about his chance encounter with aliens and how he managed to escape. To this day, this case is still one of the best-known alien abduction stories.

77.Roswell UFO Incident

Back in 1947, the US Air Forces released a report that they found a flying disc in a ranch beside Roswell. Though the U.S. military said the object was just a conventional weather balloon, the Roswell incident continues to attract the attention of popular media, and the conspiracy theories surrounding it still exist. A number of decades later, the event was given credit for being an important aspect of the town’s name.

The town flaunts a museum dedicated to UFOs and even has its own research hub. The fast-food chains in the town were also inspired by flying saucers. The streetlights have an alien theme. It seems like the area is settling with the idea of how normal life can be with UFOs around. No one (aside from the government, maybe) knows whether the UFO incident was real. There are dozens of explanations trying to make sense of the incident to this day.

78.Dolly the Sheep

Dolly the sheep played a big role in one of The Roslin Institute’s experiments that were aimed at creating a more efficient way of making genetically modified livestock. Researchers wanted to find out how cells can morph while under development and whether a special kind of cell, like a brain or skin cell, can be utilized to create a whole new animal. Dolly was cloned from Finn Dorset sheep’s mammary glands and a Scottish Blackface sheep’s egg cell.

The white face of Dolly can take credit for indicating that she was indeed a clone because of her relation to her surrogate mother — since if they were genetically related to each other, Dolly should be born with a black face instead. Dolly has lived in he Roslin Institute all her life and produced six lambs. In 2003, Dolly was euthanised because of her progressive lung disease and severe arthritis.

79.Hudson River UFO Sighting

A police officer by the name of Andi Sandhoff was patrolling one day when she chanced upon a group of lights in the heavens. Initially, she thought it came from a regular plane, but as she got closer, Sandhoff found out it was too huge to be just a plane. The object appeared to hover on top of her car. She recalled that there were no noises that came from the apparition either. Sandhoff made a choice to follow the object’s direction until it was gone after it passed through the hills.

During that night, an engineer by the name of Ed Burns was staying on the Taconic Parkway neighboring Milwood when he started receiving static electricity on his radio. Moments later, Burns looked up and saw a large object hovering above the sky. That day, more than five-thousand people have seen unidentified flying objects over the cities in the Hudson River Valley.

80.Marfa Lights

Cattles herds that numbered in thousands were gathered by cowboys across Marfa, Texas when suddenly one cowboy noticed something eerie in the distance. The apparition was a strange light that seemed to be hovering above the ground, miles away. The cowboy’s daughter, Julia Plumbley, figured that it was only a campfire, visitors, or even Indians. What made it strange to an extreme degree was that they continued to see the light numerous times in the years that followed. No one was able to figure out what exactly the mysterious floating object was.

A number of similar light sightings happened around Marfa and numerous locals have been sharing their experiences of them for years. To this day, nobody has an explanation for these sightings. There seems to be no way to predict when these lights can be seen; they will appear in all kinds of weather conditions, but only a dozen or so nights a year. No one knows exactly what they are, or whether they really exist.

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