Where We Would Go if Money Wasn’t an Issue

We all have our own version of the ultimate dream vacation. They’re usually always on top of our travel bucket list but seeing them become a reality will always be a little far-fetched. Not only are these places far, but our credit score wouldn’t be able to take the expense. A survey was conducted by a leading travel management company that aimed to know where people would actually go if money was not in question. Of course, the luxury destinations topped their results. Not a lot of people could afford these dreamy getaways but it’s nice to know where you ought to go when the budget comes your way.


As one of the biggest and most active islands in French Polynesia, Tahiti has become an island getaway dream to many couples. Filled with beautiful volcanoes and cinematic horizons everywhere, the place truly deserves credit for being one of the most romantic places in the world. The overwater bungalows that make the island popular attract tourists who want a more secluded vacation spot. These accommodations are priced up to $850 a night.

Mediterranean Cruise

When we talk about luxury vacations, a cruise will never be absent. Voyaging through the Mediterranean sea, specifically, is one trip so many people would like to go on. If we had enough coverage from an insurance company to go on a cruise, we definitely would not miss the salty water, the Greek Isles, and the fresh catch. A private yacht could even be chartered for $776,400 for those who want a whole cruise to themselves.


Almost half of the respondents said that if money wasn’t an issue, they would go to Australia. The magnificent Great Barrier Reef, the beautiful Sydney, and the beaches along the coastline are some of the places we are attracted to. However, flights to Australia are very expensive. A New York to Sydney trip would cost up to $4,700. The trip would certainly be an investment but for a lot of us, it’s worth the effort.

Bora Bora

Given credit as The Best Island in the World, Bora Bora’s glistening blue waters and wonderful weather will surely attract any avid beach-goer. Because it is located in the middle of the South Pacific, getting there would cost a fortune. The resorts are dreamy and while they offer excellent service, they also charge as much as $5,000 a night. Sunbathing under the tropical sun with crystal clear waters washing up our feet will remain stapled in our list.


A good number of people also placed Italy on top of their dream destinations list. Thinking about Italian cuisine and culture is truly inviting. The people are very welcoming and generous with their specialties. On top of that, great food and wine will always be a treat. If we can get to Europe on a business class flight with the best travel insurance, then we should be on our way to getting a luxury villa in the Amalfi coast. This will be extra sumptuous but what’s another $30,000 a week for a lavish stay in a place this gorgeous?

South Africa

The lovers of the outdoors will always dream of the perfect African Safari trip. If we didn’t have to worry about how much we had to spend, then we would hop on a flight to South Africa. Going on an adventure through Cape Town or through Kruger National Park will surely give us a unique and exciting experience. If we were to value comfort a degree higher than all else, we would even check in to Ulusaba Lodge, a luxury hotel that charges more than $6,000 per night for every guest.