A Backpacker’s Europe To-do List. Don’t Miss It!

Europe is the top dream destination for many travelers. They get attracted to the many picturesque scenes, the historical landmarks, the deep blue waters, the great culture, the scrumptious food and wine, and all the activities they can do while they’re there. Along with all that they can do and see in Europe comes a hefty price tag; hence, a lot of tourists actually resort to go Backpacking instead. This way, they can save and explore the cities on foot. Making an investment in a more immersive experience will surely make their European adventure a better one. Here are the things we should all do when we’re Backpacking around Europe.

Explore Amsterdam

Tourists who go there are usually in love with the history behind the brick walls and the cobblestones. Aside from the stories about Amsterdam and what it endured in the past, the city is presently filled with coffee shops, a very active art community, and a lot of music. Art buffs would love walking down the streets feeling as if they’re inside a painting.

Party in Barcelona

If New York gets credit for being the city that never sleeps, Barcelona is its European counterpart. The nightlife in this city attracts a lot of travelers because the parties are endless. Great food and wine are always served so they always leave with a full belly and a great experience. Other than the parties, beaches and great architecture are also the highlights of Barcelona.

Attend Oktoberfest

The German festival has been one of the many attractions of Munich. Held at the end of September, tourists from around the world fly to Germany to get a taste of week-long parties and plenty of beer. The music always helps the crowd get into excitement and crazy fun to a great degree.

Go sightseeing in London

The classiest people always think about going to London because of its sophisticated culture and elegant cityscape. The museums are not only the best around the world but are also free of charge so you could save your credit card for later. When hungry, people go to Brick Lane to satisfy their palettes. However, since London attracts the classy, it is also one of the more expensive destinations in Europe.

Hike in Interlaken

Interlaken sits on top of the mountain of Switzerland. It is a popular destination for sporty travelers and those who like to explore the great outdoors. Those who come here usually want a breather from the city. They can still party, though, because Interlaken also offers great food, beverages, and a wonderful community.

Take pictures in Prague

Given credit as one of the most beautiful places in Europe, Prague is certainly the place to be if you’re an avid photographer. Shots taken here are always the most Instagram-worthy. On top of this, Prague is a relatively cheap place. The food is affordable and parties always pop up on weekends.

Dine at the French Riviera

Folks living the high life like to cruise along the French Riviera. The luxury yachts are usually sailing away there, and some of them even go to Monaco – just a short distance away. Those who can’t afford a private yacht aren’t that bothered, though, because the scenic horizon they can see while they dine on European dishes and drink the finest wines along the shore is more than enough for a great experience.

Wander through Rome

The lovers of all things historical always wander to Rome. The city is filled with beautiful landmarks and gorgeous ruins. Casually strolling along the streets is already a sightseeing trip as buildings, monuments or even historical sites are everywhere. When hungry, tourists go to Trastevere to get a taste of the local food scene. With a little money management, history buffs will eventually make their way there.